Rainwater Harvesting Systems

Clearwater Pumps offer the installation of Rainwater Harvesting Systems. These systems are designed around the idea of collecting, storing and distributing rainwater for household purposes such as irrigation, refilling of pools and ponds, toilet flushing and even drinking water with some extra filtration.

Commercial properties also make use of Rainwater Harvesting and the water is used for the same purposes.

What are the advantages of Rainwater Harvesting? By harvesting and using rainwater in our homes clients can drastically reduce their monthly water bill. The availability of water is also ensured should there be a municipal water supply problem.

Clients with already installed Irrigation Systems can link this with the Rainwater Harvesting System.


Taking it further

  • Training completed in communities to sustain projects and build skills.
  • To ensure that the projects are upheld by communities, training has been given to maintenance teams in the communities.
  • These teams are now able to maintain the systems and possibly add on to the systems in future. Methods are also in place to make sure that skills are developed in the communities adding on to a value added system.