Water: the Biggest Challenge to Human Expansion

Water: the Biggest Challenge to Human Expansion

Water is at the very heart of human existence. While it is an essential element for all life as we know it, humans, and human expansion in particular, has always had a certain fixation with the life giving substance.

As our most crucial resource, it has also posed a few challenges of human expansion, how we live, and whether or not we can dream of expanding our human empire across the stars. Every decision made to affect the future of humanity, has to, in one way or another, account for this valuable resource.

Water Has Dawned Empires

Egypt, in its day, was one of the most impressive human empires ever created. Spanning nearly 30 centuries and the entirety of the African continent, the superpower that was once Ancient Egypt, can attribute its success to water.

The empire had its humble beginnings around the Nile river, the fertile banks of which could be used for growing crops. Other than that, the river provided a much needed, accessible source of fresh water for drinking; which laid the foundations for Egypt’s long-held prosperity.

Water Creates a Fear for the Future

In a world where we are always being reminded of the finality of resources, you would think that water would fall on that list. While clean drinking water may become a problem in the decades to come, water as a whole will present another problem.

As greenhouse gasses heat the Earth, glaciers and ice-caps in the sea are melting, releasing huge quantities of water into the sea. This will eventually (and can already be seen happening) result in a rise in sea levels, which will swallow the fringes of every continent on the planet.

We are Still Searching Space for Water

While water levels rise right here on Earth, scientists and astronomers scour the local galaxy for what they call goldilocks planets. These planets are those that we may someday live on or be able to colonise, since they have the right conditions for human life to thrive in.

As part of the requirements for a goldilocks planet, which includes similar gravity conditions, size, orbit speed and distance from the sun; the availability of H2O is also a major factor determining whether or not we may someday live there.

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