Atmospheric Water Generators

Clearwater Pumps distributes machinery that harnesses water from thin air with a wide range of pioneering and sustainable “Atmospheric Water Generators” (AWG) or Water From Air Technology Solutions ranging from the smallest unit producing 50 litres per day to our largest unit producing 5 000 litres per day.

​An atmospheric water generator (AWG), is a device that extracts water from humid ambient air. Water vapour in the air is condensed by cooling the air below its dew point, exposing the air to desiccants, or pressurizing the air.

​Unlike a dehumidifier, an AWG is designed to render the water drinkable. AWG’s are useful where pure drinking water is difficult or impossible to obtain, because there is always water in the air that can be extracted.

Water Generators can be used in the following areas:

  • At home
  • The hospitality industry
  • For community projects
  • In commercial office spaces



  • Superior quality Water
    • The water is produced from water vapour where water-borne diseases cannot survive and doesn’t risk containing chemicals associated with plastic bottled water.
    • It also reduces the risk associated with ground water;
  • Affordable water production
    • AWG Water is cost effective since the logistics, waste management and transportation costs are removed;
  • Environmentally Friendly & Healthy
    • Water is made on-site and piped/channelled directly to in-& outlets reducing its carbon footprint.

 Home and Office System Sizes:

  • 50 liters per day
  • 138 liters per day
  • 150 liters per day
  • 250 liters per day

Commercial Water Generators are Manufactured in the following sizes:

  • 150 liters per day
  • 250 liters per day
  • 500 liters per day
  • 1000 liters per day
  • 2000 liters per day
  • 5000 liters per day

To operate at optimum levels, the atmospheric water generator requires ambient humidity of 30% and above. In arid areas, it will often fall below that level during the day, but at night, when the temperature is lower, humidity rises, even in desserts.



When warm, humid air is cooled down and meets a cold surface, the water vapour (in the form of a gas) is turned into water droplets. This is a basic everyday process that happens in nature. You can see this everyday as dew drops on leaves or when you have an ice filled drink on a hot day.

The water vapour passes through an air filter and hits the condensing coils within the machine. These sophisticated coils allow the water to cool down sufficiently to reach dew point. This converts the water vapour into a liquid state.

Once the liquid has been converted, we need to remove all bacteria, algae, yeast and pathogens. This is done through a 3 stage Ultra Violet light sterilization system.

The water then is filtrated through a pre-& post carbon filter, reverse osmosis, and eventually a TCR filter. This ensures the water is polished and clean for consumption.

Once the water has passed through an atmospheric water generator, it is completely safe to drink, creating pure, soft and safe drinking water for your family, employees or customers.

Fresh drinking water is a limited and scarce natural resource, under severe threat by our ever-increasing demand and poor environmental practices, making this technology more valuable than ever.