JoJo Tank and Accessories

Important information for water tank owners

The correct installation of your water tanks (JoJo Tank) is a crucial factor that will play a big part in determining the life span of your tank. Below are some maintenance tips:

  • The JoJo tank must be on a robust base with no sharp stones or objects sticking out, the tank must not hang over the base.
  • Ensure that the downpipe entrance into the tank is properly sealed (every 3 months) to prevent water wastage and mosquitoes from breeding in the tank.
  • Check your gutters regularly for debris in order for Rainwater to run freely (Rainwater Harvesting).
  • Make sure your tank has a lid that is firmly clipped in place.
  • Check in with the condition of your mesh lid every three months (Rainwater Harvesting).
  • Clean your first flush regularly – please ask for a guide if you need one (Rainwater Harvesting)
  • Water Filtering:
    • Rainwater can be filtered for home use but this is a complex system that needs to be installed properly – please feel free to contact us for more information