Some Lesser Known Facts About Drinking Water

Some Lesser Known Facts About Drinking Water

We live on a planet that is covered by water, in fact, 70% of it is water, whether in the air, trapped underground or flowing in the sea, water is all around us; which is good because we absolutely need it to live. Our bodies themselves are also made up of 70% water, a strange correlation with many theories surrounding it.

While these are interesting facts, they are pretty well known already. So let’s take a look at a few other properties of water that you may not have known.

68% of all Fresh Water is Trapped

While 70% of the Earth is made up of water, we don’t see a large portion of it. Much of our planet’s supply of fresh water is in fact trapped, either underground, or within glaciers. As the population of the Earth grows steadily by the second, the demand for a fresh supply of drinking water grows. Fortunately we know how to extract much of this underground water using careful and effective water pump designs.

We Need Water for Food

Food, whether it be meat or vegetables, needs water in order for it to be produced. This is no surprise as we know that life-stock needs to drink, and crops need to be watered.

However, the staggering amount of water needed to do this, often goes missed by the consumer. A recent study has actually found that in order to feed a family of four for a day, around six thousand eight hundred gallons of the stuff is needed to grow that food.

You Need Water to Live

The human body can go a surprisingly long time without food, about a month in fact. And while the body that is starving itself wouldn’t be a picture of health, it would still survive until starvation eventually takes its toll.

Where water is concerned, however, the body can only last about a week without water before death. In that time, dehydration would cause a failure of a number of crucial bodily functions.

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It is clear to see that water is an essential part of human life, and as such, we should all have a steady supply of it. If you would like to take charge of the water supply in your home or on your property, be sure to contact a representative from Clearwater Pumps today, or visit our website for additional details.

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