Rainwater Harvesting

Clearwater Pumps offers the installation of Rainwater Harvesting Systems. Systems is designed around the idea of collecting, storing and distributing rainwater for household purposes such as irrigation, refilling of pools and ponds, toilet flushing and even drinking water with some extra filtration.

Rainwater Harvesting is supported by the Department of Water Affairs.

What are the advantages?

  • By harvesting and using rainwater in our homes clients can drastically reduce their monthly water bill.

  • Water is ensured should there be a municipal water supply problem.

  • Clients with already installed Irrigation Systems can link this with the Rainwater Harvesting System.

How much rainwater can be collected?

  • The easy method of determining this is:

    • Roof Area (m²) x Rainfall (mm) = Volume Collected (L)

      • 200m² x 15mm (per year) = 3 000 L of rainwater or 1m² x 1mm = 1 L of rainwater

  • However it is important to take the efficiency of the rainwater filtering system into account:

    • Roof area (m2) x rainfall (mm) x roof material coefficient x filter efficiency = volume that can be captured

      • 200m² x 15mm x 0,90 x 0,95 = 2 565 L of rainwater

    • Scenario:

      • 200m² x 750mm x 0,90 x 0,95 = 128 000L

      • The average person uses 100L – 200L per day x 4 person household = 400L – 800L per day thus 146 000 – 292 000L per year

What type of roof will give me the maximum result?

  • Although metal roofs give clients the maximum result all of these surfaces are considered as “good surfaces”:

    • Metal Sheeting, Clay Tiles, Concrete / Cement Tiles, Shingles, Glazed Tiles

  • The following is considered to be “bad surfaces”:

    • Roofs where lead, asbestos bitumen (tar) is used, Roofs that has been painted with unsafe toxins (lead, chromate, fungicides or other toxins)

What products will be installed?

  • Collection or Catchment Surfaces

  • Gutters and Downpipes

  • Pre-filtration

  • Rainwater Storage – We supply Jo Jo Tanks

  • Items to improve water quality

  • Pumps and Controls

  • Treatment and Purification

(Photo’s from www.jojotanks.co.za)


Greywater Harvesting

 Greywater Harvesting is an exciting and cost effective system that is defined as waste water generated from showers, baths and hand basins in the bathrooms and washing machine water. By using purifying systems the water can be re-used in the home and garden saving the consumer a considerable amount on costs and also saving our environment.

Water can be used more specifically for watering the garden, washing cars and drive ways and flushing toilets.

Greywater Harvesting is beneficial even if you don’t have water interruptions in your area. If you take into account an average bath takes 180lt of water, in a family of 2 that would amount to 2520lt of bath water per week that can be “saved”. It makes sense to rather water the garden with this water than spending extra on new water to keep the garden green.

We enjoy our Greywater Harvesting System – ask us how much we are saving monthly!!!