Questions About Borehole Pumps

Questions About Borehole Pumps

Could Anyone have a Borehole Pump Installed?

Accumulated from underground springs and rainfall, did you know that there are billions of cubic meters of fresh ground water right underneath you? Whether for financial or ecological reasons, as one of the most underutilized water resources completely hidden from being evaporated, absolutely anyone could install a borehole and be able to extract up to 20 000 liters of water each day, without even having to ask anyone’s permission.


How long does it take to install a borehole?

Borehole pumps are used to supply suction in order to draw water from the ground, it consists of a narrow vertical or horizontal shaft that is bored into the ground with a large diameter casing that allows you to install the borehole pump. While an experienced and skilled borehole drilling contractor could complete the drilling of your borehole in a few hours, the actual installation of the borehole could take up to 5 days. The time it takes to drill and install the pump will also depend on the type of compressor you are using. However, before this, you will need to have an assessment of the surrounding geology and subsurface conditions done, as well as quality and capacity tests. One all is approved and finalized, the installation process can begin.


How much will it cost to have a borehole pump installed?

Depending on how deep the borehole needs to be, the type of pump that will be used and how much water is required for extraction, your typical installation of a domestic borehole pump can cost you around R25 000 or more. It seems like a great amount of money to spend on a borehole pump, however, when getting your own private supply of underground water, apart from the drilling costs, the pump and the small amounts of electricity used to power the borehole pump, you will definitely start to notice great savings every month. But probably the most important pro would be that you will have water.


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