Municipal Backup Installations

This happens far to often in South Africa and home and business owners are taking control and installing Municipal Water Back-Up Systems.

Clearwater Pumps biggest demand at this current time is from clients in the commercial hospitality and retail sector not wanting to leave their employees, guests and/or clients without water.

Municipal Backup system is designed to supply water to premises when the Municipal Water Supply fails.

the system consist of a Tank and Booster Pump (we prefer using JoJo Tanks). The tank will be filled with your municipal water and should there be a water disruption the pump will automatically switch on supplying your home with water. Once the Municipal supply is back on the system will switch off and return to normal.

We can help by supplying our clients with a back-up system. We have installed a large number of systems for corporate companies insuring that there is no break in water supply to the buildings.