• Our teams have a wealth of technical knowledge thereby offering our customer expert installations and advice.
  • Borehole Yield Testing
  • Borehole Installations

Our testing rigs is equipped with Water Level Dataloggers, Calibrated Electronic Flow Meters and VSD (Variable Speed Drive) controllers, ensuring for accurate results.

The rigs are equipped with their own electricity sources, thus no electricity is needed from the client.

Our highly competent staff is able to assist our clients with:

  • Full Installations and repairs of Boreholes Pumps
  • Booster Pumps
  • Water Tanks (We prefer JoJo Tanks)
  • Borehole Control Boxes
  • Swimming Pool Pumps
  • HDPE Pipes
  • Maintenance of existing Boreholes
  • Linking Borehole systems with Irrigation systems
  • Borehole supply backup installations
  • Wireless Systems
  • GSM Systems

We are able to conduct tests from 2 – 72 hours including extended step tests with logging equipment.

Bank certificates can be issued when needed.

Why is the borehole yield important? It is important not to over pump the borehole in order not to induce saline intrusion, encrustation, excess lowering of the water table or piezometric surface or borehole failure. This is the maximum rate of abstraction from the borehole and can be expressed as l/s, m3/hr, m3/d or m3/a.

What is included? Certificates are issued to all clients confirming the yield of the borehole as well as special request certificates for bank financing purposes.