5 Reasons Why You Should Use a Borehole

5 Reasons Why You Should Use a Borehole

Water is, without any doubt, the single most important commodity on Earth. We are reliant on it for many things, from basic life processes to cleaning and cooking, providing power, irrigation and many other things. Without water, there would be nothing. Because of its importance, many households all over South Africa are looking for alternative ways to source it and become independent of the municipal supply in a way that benefits their lives. One such way of doing so is by getting a borehole rig setup where it is practical to do so. IF this is a possibility you have overlooked, then here are a few excellent reasons to invest in a borehole with Clearwater Pumps.

1.      A Supply of Pure, Clean and Natural Water

Municipal water goes through quite the process before it is pumped into your homes. It is recycled, cleaned, filtered and treated time and again before you use it. And while South Africa boasts one of the best water purification processes in the world, this water will still have a certain amount of contaminants in it when it gets to you. If you’re not convinced, try conducting a borehole water analysis to see for yourself.

With borehole water, on the other hand, is pure and natural, and better yet is also rich in minerals, making it a much healthier alternative to the municipal supply. This not only makes it better for consumption, but is also ideal for irrigation.

2.      Have Access to Water at All Times

South Africans all over the country have at least one story to tell of the time their water was cut. It may have been due to a malfunction, routine maintenance, or for reasons unknown in many cases. Whatever the reason, having your water supply cut without warning can be a drastically frustrating affair.

With a supply of borehole water at the ready, your supply of water can be uninterrupted, at all times of the day, and even when the municipal supply is down. An excellent reason to invest in a borehole if I’ve ever seen one.

3.      Enjoy Self-Reliance

Going off the grid, so to speak, has many advantages, one of which will be discussed in the next point, the other of which was discussed in the above one.

Still, self-reliance makes for a more cohesive and easy to manage property, and for those who can, boreholes offer one of the best ways in which to do this. Not being reliant on the whims of municipal supply and pricing gives you far greater control, security and confidence.

4.      Drastically Reduce Municipal Costs

While the municipal costs on their supply of water are generally out of your control, you can take that control back by investing in a borehole. While the initial setup and installation might be somewhat substantial, the running costs, particularly for those systems where borehole yielding testing has shown that there is ample supply, are generally much lower than paying for the public supply.

5.      Your Water is More Secure

Perhaps the greatest, and often most overlooked advantage to having a borehole is that the system is housed on your property, making it much easier to protect it from tampering or sabotage. Your supply will stay active for as long as you need it to, and can be easily inspected and maintained at all times to ensure that it is doing what it should.

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